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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emily as Gabrielle in High School Musical

Emily's theater class performed "Status Quo" from High School Musical tonight at her Junior High. When the theater teacher was picking parts for the girls, she called boys up according to their height.and had them stand next to Emily. The boy who played Troy is nearly 6' tall, some of the boys are catching up. Here are a few pictures from her performance.

Here is a video we took with Emily's iPod. It is a nice view of some lady's head. you may not be able to see Emily, but you can hear her. She sings the duet with Troy. She sounded amazing, I couldn't believe it was Emily.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Emily and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Emily participated in her first play. She was a member of Potiphar's/Pharoh's Enterouge from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She had so much fun and made a lot of good friends. I think she was most excited to get her own makeup. I am so glad she goes to a school where she has opportunities to do things like this. Thanks to all the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that came to see her. Grandma and Courtney even drove here Saturday morning, spent 24 hours here, then drove home the next day just to support Emily.She really appreciated it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chase is 4

Our baby is 4. He started the morning with opening up one present. It was his favorite cereal and he thought it was a great present. He waited patiently all day to open the real presents. We spent the day playing games, listening to music, and baking a cake and some cookies. Here are some pictures from the much anticipated event.

Dad thought he looked dorky, so he fixed his hair.

He is a little video to remind us of how he was on his birthday.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a girl anymore

Chase's hair had gotten a little long, he was overdue for a haircut. Our beautician made a house call and here he is as a boy. Before I took these pictures, he told me he had an accident so he had better change. He had been asking to wear his Jazz shirt (and basketball shorts) all day, so I think he made up an excuse to put them on.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

Emily, Anna and James started school - grades 6, 4, and 1. They (and me) were so excited for school to start and have been loving it since. Anna loves that she and Emily have a recess to share. I am not sure that Emily is as excited about that as Anna.

In celebration of having a day alone with just mom and Chase, we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the gardens. It was pretty cool.

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